Mid-State Bolt & Nut Services: The Full Package

Since our inception, Mid-State Bolt & Nut has focused our direction and effort to support our customer’s expanding needs. Once a service program is designed to meet your specific supply chain needs, we deploy a dedicated cross-functional team to systematically implement the most cost-effective program & fulfill your orders in a timely fashion. With a focus on providing comprehensive services that mitigate or eliminate the non-value added activities for our clients and allowing them to focus on their strengths and core competencies, we are pleased to offer the following services:

Logistical, Warehousing, Light Assembly, Kitting & Bagging Services

Your Comprehensive Vendor Managed Inventory Program

Mid-State Bolt & Nut maintains appropriate inventory levels to meet ever-changing requirements. As your partner, we take full ownership of this process, so you don’t have to, ensuring there are no supply disruptions. We leverage the tried & true Kanban inventory control system to ensure there is never a break in your supply chain.

Fastener Manufacturer With Warehousing & Logistical Services

Logistical & Warehousing Services

As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), believe it or not, our warehouse isn’t stuffed to the brim with just nuts, bolts & fasteners. In fact, Mid-State Bolt & Nut warehouses a number of other components to bring your complete package together. Need a full-service supply chain partner? We are your answer. From our primary components to wires, Shop-Vacs and traffic cones – if you need it as part of your supply chain, we will keep it in our inventory. Alleviate the worry and disorganization when you partner with Mid-State Bolt & Nut.

Fastener Supplier With Kitting & Bagging Services

Bagging & Kitting

Mid-State Bolt & Nut provides poly-bag kitting utilizing in-house equipment and dedicated personnel. Our specialty bagging/kitting capabilities and flex scheduling enable us to provide a variety of bag configurations as you need them.

Fastener Manufacturer With Light Assembly Capabilities

Light Assembly

We provide complete assemblies, reducing inventory and off-line labor costs, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Nut, Bolt & Washer Manufacturer With Custom Fastener Solutions

Engineering Services & Custom Solutions

Need a custom hardware solution? Mid-State Bolt & Nut has the resources and capabilities to assist, collaborate, and solve even the toughest of applications.

Eliminate Work Flow Disruption with Mid-State Bolt & Nut

Every plant or work cell is different which is why Mid-State Bolt & Nut custom designs systems that synchronize and improve your existing production process. Through analysis, Mid-State Bolt & Nut determines appropriate inventory levels and fulfillment locations to support your production requirements, resulting in reduced overhead and labor costs. We take care of it all so you don’t have to.

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